Nothing is so important that you can't stop for a child.  Be of Good Heart and don't pass stopped school buses.

Be of Good Heart

Too often we find our thoughts don't always become actions. Sometimes we think to do something nice for someone to let them know they're in our thoughts or we care about them and their plight.  Unfortunately, there's times when we find we waited too long and no longer have the chance.  It might be as simple as sending a note of cheer or send money to someone in need.   Well dust off those ideas and act on them today. 

Contact us via the form below with the well wishes you wish to send or the gift idea you have in mind and we'll help you make it a reality.   Be of Good Heart Today.

Be of Good Heart Fund

Donate any amount today and we will use those funds to send well wishes or gifts in your name or anonymously on your behalf.